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Central Christian Church - Mesa


Areas of practice


933 N Lindsay Rd



It starts with a few people in the center of the mesa and the church continues to influence people from the beginning. We were fortunate enough to have only four Saint Warriors in our history. Since 1999, the present clergyman Cal Gernigan has led us to a place where we meet in five different places in prayer. He meets Lindsay and Adobe's mesa. 8,600W. Glendale Ave, Lindsay, Gilbert and Germane, Queen Creek of the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center, Arwachy of Pointe High School, Glendale D'Ave. Join us this weekend's service.

Established in 1959


Our mission is to have all found Jesus as the Lord and the Savior, to develop his faith and purpose in him, and to be deployed as a family, friend, church, community, and devotee to the world. Central is a non-sectarian church that has served people in the valley for over 50 years. Things are happening around here, making it easy to connect and connect. Everyone is welcome in Central. This is not a club that has to do something. Come on! You can select multiple services from five different campuses.