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Charis Christian Church


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3654 N Power Rd Ste 101



One day, when the clergyman Cindy graduated from the Bible University, she sat on the sofa and felt God say to her "Open the Church." On the other hand, he answered, 'But I don't know,' and God simply answered, 'Yes.' I do it!" The church grew over five years ago. We had several humble beginnings, and went to pray and study the Bible for free, and then to study it in public places like local parks, and then from Calis Bible College to Salletto. We've been in the country for years now and are looking forward to offering Sunday services, the Children's Department, the Food Bank, the library, and more.

Established in 2012


Our church is a gathering of Jesus, who has learned and grew up in the love of God, and who is enthusiastic and full of love. We are asked to reach out to the unbelievers and to make disciples for Jesus. We believe that the power of God is beneficial to all who believe. The Church of Charis Christian teaches how to use the words of God in daily life and walk among the gods who are given fate. Grow up together!