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As an immigrant, Yasser Fernando Sanchez wanted to provide a more personal approach to immigration law. After working for four years at another immigration office, he established the law office of Yasser Sanchez. You will be in direct contact with the customer and the lawyer through the entire immigration procedure.

Established in 2009

Sanchez is a lawyer focused exclusively on federal immigration and nationality laws.

Yasser S.
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I have lived in the United States for 25 years. I turned thirty last year. Before taking legal proceedings, I closed many doors and began to abandon hope.  

My wife's ex-colleague introduced me to Yasser Fernando Sánchez. He said something wonderful about himself. We decided to make a promise by asking him a few questions.  After talking with him, we left a great piece of news and excitement about what he said. I decided to employ him.

He has fulfilled one of my longstanding wishes. I was able to travel to Mexico and visit my grandparents and become a legal resident. When I came back, I started the green card process. I am the green card holder as of last week. He said he would get it in six months in September. I don't believe it. But I'm sure h**l proved to be wrong.

Everything I dream about is real. I can help my family by doing what I'm trying to accomplish with my job. I may not express my feelings much, but I am happy and grateful for what he did for us. To be honest, the process was really easy for me. Yasser is so passionate about his own way that he must think of himself as another person.

Anyone looking for information or questions will contact them. Nothing can be free to gain such peace of mind. Thank you for joining Sanchez and for changing this page into the next chapter of my life.

Meet some of you to become citizens.

12/26/2020 02:43am



Sometimes I meet people who really do what they like and do what they are good at.

In the case of Yasser Sánchez, this is the case. He likes his actions (immigration) and is good at that.

I sent several customers to Yasser and Random. They cherish them. I can send them to Yasser, regardless of time and time, at the right price, so it looks good.

They ask each customer for more help. If something good happens to the customers, we'll take time to celebrate. After spending the night in Octopus, Yasser also takes an oath at the client's ceremony.

The lawyer is not perfect. Immigration lawyers also have large lawyers, so they are not particularly perfect, but Russell and Randall are perfectly sincere. In immigration law, having an honest lawyer is more important than a perfect lawyer. Yasser and Randall never do that to anyone is a big reason I always send customers.

I cannot emphasize their excellence enough wherever they live.

01/02/2021 11:36pm



Today was very happy and I passed my citizen examination. In the interview, my experience with him was wonderful, his wonderful and wonderful professional.  He knows what he has done, and should also call Hassel if he is friendly and needs help on

01/02/2021 05:41am



Yasser, wow! ! I decided to go to him because my husband was happy! ! he was true and honest,  I am very knowledgeable. I introduced them to my friends and family, and they also love him! Good luck, Yasser! !

12/27/2020 10:20pm



I needed help getting a fiancee visa. Then, I will buy my husband's green card, which I moved from Scotland, so I can stay with him. We had many questions and Yasser was very helpful to his help and explained in detail. He really knows his job well and is really worried. I am very grateful for that. And of course he's super effective! I strongly recommend him and his practice!

01/03/2021 11:08am