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I have represented people in all fields. rich, poor, young, old, unemployed to all his lawyers. I was fortunate in representing such great people. And they have one thing in common. He faced a criminal justice system that was not always fair. Somewhere in our system of justice, it turned as cold as a factory and into a distant processing plant. I started working as a public officer and saw the problem. That's why I entered the private company. However, while working for a major law firm, these problems were overcome. The focus was always on quality defense that was secured for the financially elite. That is the beginning of this company. I started a Heath Law Office and worked on the problem. I came to get my hopes back. And that hope starts with our customers. Innovation and effort will yield results. We can't leave you behind.

Established in 2014


If you're charged with a crime, we'll come to help you. Throughout Arizona, we defend against crimes and DUI crimes. I'll practice in the federal court too. Dr. Mark Heath has brought trials from simple petty crimes to murder. As a former prosecutor, he understands the opposite side. Through effort and innovation, he can gain the respect of our legal community in Arizona and help.

I&A;#39; My legal career has been dedicated to helping those who suffer most. I first became a prosecutor because I wanted to protect the weak, and I thought it was a place to do it in the simplicity of the young. But I found people who really needed help sitting at a different table. I worked for a large law firm after I left the major criminal division of the Maricopa County Prosecutor and Amplifier. It was a great experience, but we should not provide high quality legal defense. #39; You should not monopolize the economy to the elite. You need to significantly increase the cost that is ultimately passed to the client. I use technology to support customer defense. I'm is a technical nerd, so it's perfect for me. I like the art of everything. But I&A;#39;m doesn't stand in court, new &A;#34; Toys, &A;#34; When I go out, I enjoy the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, camping and surfing.

Mark H.
business owner





Mark is a real deal. He asked my Super Extreme DUI to hit down two times for the normal DUI and was able to drop both the hit and run. (Patch Junction Court) I was very happy to have Mark on my side. I made a big mistake, but Mark was with me all the time. If you want a real lawyer, call Mark. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message. Thank you for your help, Mark.

01/02/2021 10:14pm



Although he had left his nationality, he had to check if a family incident occurred in Tempe, Asia a few years ago and that incident disappeared from his family record.  This family had a new job and needed a background security check.  Dr. Heath called us immediately and consulted us and helped us solve this problem while we were away from several countries.  He is an expert in experience as well as in other legal fields. Wow, it was great to talk to him and he knew what he was talking about.  I highly recommend him, but you will no longer see people like him.

01/02/2021 12:13pm